Comprehensive service in the field of:

  • collection, management, transport and disposal of waste
  • rubble disposal
  • cleaning of industrial plants, clarifiers, separators
  • advisory services in the field of ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION
Stworzyliśmy z firma ART-EKO oraz FEB-EKO Lokalną Grupę Gospodarki Odpadami „SPEKTRUS”


We offer you our services in the field of environmental protection:

  1. Development and recovery of industrial waste, including liquid and solid waste.
  2. Recycling and recovery of packaging and secondary raw materials.
  3. Cleaning industrial installations, settlers, grease separators and separators
  4. Export of hazardous materials in accordance with ADR.
  5. Removal of debris and post-production waste from legal persons.

In addition, we offer services in the area of:

  1. Environmental impact assessment.
  2. Developing waste management studies to obtain a decision.
  3. Settlement of fees for the economic use of the environment.
  4. Development of hazardous waste management programs.
  5. Preparation of water and legal surveys.
  6. Consultancy regarding environmental protection / waste management, including: reports, audits, fees.
  7. Quality management based on ISO 9001, 14001, BHP and HACCP standards.

The company directs its offer to production plants from all over the country, communities and municipal offices, road managers, shopping centres, fuel concerns and legal persons. Waste is collected by our own specialized transport compliant with ADR requirements.

We provide our services in the BDA system (securely-precisely-accurately-at attractive prices) in order to optimize logistics and minimize costs incurred by clients. Detailed information on establishing cooperation, offers and services related to our business and the manner of their implementation can be obtained at biuro@wiko.wroclaw.pl, or by phone/fax 71 349 19 20.
We issue our clients documents required by various regulations.